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Title IX Requirements

Title IX Training Session

June 15, 2023 - Title IX regulation and Impartiality, Conflict of Interest and Bias Training with Brandon Carey from OSSBA for Technology Centers. We also discussed proposed changes to the upcoming Title IX regulations.

Resources to help schools meet the August 2020 updates to Title IX requirements

New Title IX regulations went into effect on August 14, 2020. The following resources are provided to help schools meet the requirements of the updated regulations.

Title IX New Regulations Overview (Powerpoint)

  • This overview of the new Title IX regulations covers purpose and overview, definition, the grievance process, personnel and training, and resources.

Developing New Policies and Navigating the Cross-Examination Requirements (Powerpoint)

  • This Powerpoint will help explain the new polices for cross-examinations for secondary and post-secondary schools, the roles of advisors, and the process of cross-examination.

Required Elements of Process for Resolving Formal Complaints of Title IX Sexual Harassment (PDF)

  • This covers the basic procedural requirements for resolving Title IX complaints. It breaks the process down into steps and gives the citation being used, as well as related guidance.

Title IX Comparison

  • This document provides a summary of major provisions of the Department of Education’s Title IX final rule and a comparison to the Notice of Proposed Rule Making.

Title IX Final Review Summary

  • This is a quick glance at the major provisions made to the Department of Education’s Title IX final rule.

Update to Title IX

  • This document provides a list of Items needed to be completed to be in compliance with the new Title IX regulations.

For further information, please contact:

Alan Nahs, Civil Rights Coordinator

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