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Job Readiness Contests

General Contest Guidelines

The purpose of "Job Readiness" contests is to provide a competitive event for students with varying abilities, to provide an opportunity for social interaction, to challenge the job skill level of students, to keep training relevant to employers needs, to reward students for excellence, and to enhance the self-esteem of students.

Job Readiness Regional Competitions are planned for February 2020. Refer to the Job Readiness Contest Schedule to locate the region assigned to each school and the dates and locations for each region.


Students entering a Job Readiness competition must be enrolled in a modified career and technical program that meets their individualized needs. The Job Readiness contests, with the possibility of modifications and accommodations, should more closely meet the student's needs than an already existing contest. Also, the skills performed in the contest must be a part of the programs curriculum.

Students entering competitions must be a paid member SkillsUSA.

All Regional Job Readiness registration will be completed online through the SkillsUSA's home page.  All registration must be completed by January 27th.  Registration WILL NOT be taken by phone. You will receive additional information regarding registration by the beginning of January.

Based upon the registration received by January 27, 2020, each school will be invoiced a registration fee of $25.00 per contestant payable to Oklahoma SkillsUSA.  No refunds will be made.  Substitutions may be made the day of the contest provided the school has already registered a student in the contest


A student member may participate in one Job Readiness Skill Contest and one Job Readiness Leadership Contest OR a student member may participate in one Job Readiness Skill Contest and one SkillsUSA Leadership Contest (i.e. Job Interview, Prepared Speech, Extemporaneous Speaking, Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Chapter Business Procedure or Quiz Bowl).

The Job Readiness Competitive Event Listing shows the number of students per instructor eligible to compete in regional competitions.

All participants must meet requirements set forth by the Secondary Schools Associations.

All participants must be accompanied by one or more school officials.

In all contests, 1st through 6th place secondary AND postsecondary students will be recognized with SkillsUSA medals (1st, 2nd & 3rd) or ribbons (4th, 5th & 6th).

In all contests, the top 3 secondary and the top 3 postsecondary contestants qualify for the State contest.

Click here for Job Readiness State Memo

Click on the contest name for specific guidelines.

Mechanical (open to all SkillsUSA members)

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