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Director's Memo 2020-03-16

Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus resources

As the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation continues to develop in Oklahoma, we are committed to service and safety for all Oklahomans. Be sure to regularly check your email, social media channels and website for any updates. Should any of the guidance change, ODCTE will act accordingly and immediately to provide updates through all communication channels.


CareerTech Horizon podcast Episode 5: ‘Growing Partnerships’ is live

Man wearing a yellow safety vest stands in front of a plane to direct the pilot where to go.This episode focuses on business and industry partnerships and how they relate to skill and technical training. We’ve got plenty of voices from our tech centers, state staff and the community on this one, including our state director.

  • Last month’s main event, the unveiling of American Airlines’ donated MD-80 passenger jet is featured here. That segment alone is a great explainer for anyone who may have missed it.
  • We tag along with teachers spending part of their summer break at OEIP, as they go behind the scenes at some of the companies their students may work for one day.
  • Co-host Rob McClendon sits in on some futuring panels bringing business, industry and educators all to the same table.

If anyone asks you how their business can partner with technology education, play them this episode. We’ve got some great examples here to get that conversation going.

CareerTech Hall of Fame nominations open

Nominations for the Oklahoma CareerTech Hall of Fame are now open and will be accepted until April 30.

If you would like to nominate a deserving individual for this prestigious honor, please visit the website listed below.

For more information, please contact Gina Hubbard at 405-743-5167 or

High Plains Tech updates Woodward Chamber

Woodward Chamber of Commerce Education Committee met Wednesday for their monthly luncheon.

High Plains Technology Center health careers certification instructor Don Gaines gave several updates to the committee. The election board will soon come out and help students register to vote. Groups of students have been making trips to the Capitol in Oklahoma City to meet with legislators.

Soon, six multimedia students will go to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Film Festival.

“It’s just a huge experience for those kids to get to see that and be exposed to it,” Gaines said.

HPTC has several departments that will be holding interviews for enrollment after spring break.

“Our numbers are outweighing our capabilities, our size,” Gaines explained. “We're going to be interviewing students that last full week in March.”

You count, so make sure you’re counted

Census Day is coming up on April 1, and your community -- and all of Oklahoma -- will lose out if you’re not counted.

The census determines how much federal money Oklahoma and its communities will receive for services like health care, parks, roads, education and more. Oklahoma communities stand to gain an estimated $1,675 per person per year for the next 10 years.

Your community and your state need you, so take the time to fill out your census form when it arrives. It takes less than 15 minutes to fill out and is legally private. The Census Bureau is forbidden by law from sharing your answers with anyone. And for the first time, you’ll be able to fill it out online if you choose.

Special thank you to the 2019 accreditation examiners

We would not be able to complete accreditation without the outstanding volunteers. Thank you for all you do.

This year’s examiners were Andy Beck. Carol Colwell, Lisa Fuller, Jerrod Lundry, Shelby Unruh, Carmen Garcia, Brandon Tucker, Angela Piotrowski, Stacie Maple, Christina Ward, Donna Barton, Gay Ketchum, Dustin Davidson, Sandra Noel, Wade Lackey, Jessica Spring, Sheila Williams, Michelle Ketcherside, Stewart Wood, Kathy Adair, April Murelio, Greg Phares, Doug Hall, Laura Harrison, Stacia McCune, Willie Overturf, Rebecca Eastham, Ashley Hernandez-Torres, Brad Rickelman, Jeremiah Graham.

Sarah Carper, Shaun Dillehay, Gina Ellis, Matt Gindhart, Christi Risley, Randa Pirrong, Alicia Smith, Malachi Blaxton, Melinda Simpson, Blake McCrabb, Cindi Stearns, Scott Breshears, Jeremiah Edwards, Deborah Shuman, Derek Beller, April Blackwell, Tony Cordray, Paul Hocutt, Thomas Hudson, Shelly Mounce, Steven Aragon. Jaclyn Arnold, H.L. Baird, Letha Bauter, Whitney Blaylock, Paula Bowles, Lori Broyles, Nathan Brubaker, Brandy Burns.

AJ Crowell, Caleb Cummings, John Day, Carrie DeMuth, Becki Foster, Melanie Goodner, Cori Gray, Andrea Hancock, Karen Hart, Stephanie Hodges, Gina Hubbard, Jeff Huffman, Janet Karner, Lori Laufer, Delbo Leach, Kristi Lofton, Rob McClendon, Susie McEachern, Ayanna McKee, Max McKnight, Kathy McNabb, Lara Morris, KayTee Niquette, Shawna Nord, Tonja Norwood, Kristye O'Mealey, Cara Pattison, Renee Potter, Tami Redus, Laurie Richison.

Nancy Rodriguez, Connie Romans, Kent Roof, Alice Rushmore, Ric Russell, Nelson Solomon, Kim Stafford, Allen Stolhand, Deborah Swafford, Karen Talbott, Angela Teeman, Kevin Terronez, Nacoe Thomas, Kyla Trammell, Charlie Weeks, Laura Wilson, Ryan Burkett, Lori Evans, Kahle Goff, Kendra Keelin, Kelley McConnell, Brook Holding, Jacob Johnson, Kaitlyn Snider, Misty Wade, Amber Pershica, Jill Lazenby, Laci Davis, Frankie Adair, Kari Gibson, Tina Harjo, Linda Sanford and Sarah Hirschman.

CareerTech events

OK Career Guide Training, March 18

FCCLA State Competitive Events, March 24

Galaxy Training, March 25

ACTE National Policy Seminar, March 30

TESOL Conference

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