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CTSO Logos

These are the CareerTech Student Organization logos. Contact web manager Karen Hart at x520 with questions or assistance in adding logos.

The asset image gallery and asset filename lists do not appear in alphabetical order. This is an AEM issue (bug) that Adobe must fix so it's out of our control.

Steps on how to download an image for use outside of the website.

  • Locate the image you want to download
  • Make note of the name shown under the image
  • Scroll down below the image gallery and click on the filename to download the image

Content Authors using these asset images on web pages will need to copy the filename and paste it into the "image search" box in edit mode to add the asset to their page. PLEASE do not download the image and import it into your divisional asset dams as this creates a duplicate image.

These logos have transparent backgrounds and may not be suitable for all print jobs.

Last Modified on May 09, 2022
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