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Contact Help for CT Applications

Information on how to contact a human for special situations or when the online help did not have the answer you needed.

Need Help?

We want to serve you the best we can. Please contact Communications and Marketing if you need help accessing information or simply were unable to find what you were looking for on our website or other applications.

For help with the ODCTE website,  call 405.743.5520, or email .


CTIMS Support

Attention: If you need help with the CareerTech Information Management System (CTIMS), contact Andra Beyer at 405.743.5134 or email

Potential Reasons to Contact Customer Support

  • Help, I'm lost!
    You know what you need or are looking for, you have tried the website navigation, you have tried the website search feature, and you still cannot find the page or resource you need.  Make sure you thoroughly reviewed our extensive Help section.
  • Broken links
    Some pages may have moved or been renamed for improved clarification. You can try using the "Search" feature or look through the navigation. Either way, please report the broken link to us so we can fix it ASAP if it is located on our pages.
  • Need different format
    Some content may be in one format on the web for performance or copyright reasons. If you cannot access the information in that format, please contact the creator of the content for help first. 
  • Username and password
    View the How-to Reset a Lost Password tutorial for the CT UNITED Website (
Last Modified on Oct 21, 2021
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