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BMITE Job Openings

High School Vacancies

  • Tulsa Public Schools
    Posted 7/15/2022
    Tulsa Public Schools is hiring for several Career Tech teaching positions in the BMITE division. These are fully funded CTE programs. Applicants should have or be willing to pursue a valid CTE teaching certificate. Bachelor’s degree required. Email with your interest and submit a general teaching application here.

    Position: BMITE Teacher
    Location: Nathan Hale HS in Tulsa
    Program: FOT

        2.24.23 Guymon Public Schools is taking applications for a Career Tech teaching         position in the BMITE division for the 2023-2024 school year. The opening is for a         Business Instructor. Applicants should have or be willing to pursue a valid CTE           teaching certificate, and a bachelor’s degree is required. 


Please apply at


Be ready with a cover letter, resume, employment reference list, teacher certifications, and transcripts. These should be uploaded and submitted with the online application. For additional information, please contact Guymon Public Schools at (580) 338-4340.


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Last Modified on Feb 28, 2023