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TSET Better Health Podcast Transcripts

Episode 01: Tobacco 21

Episode 02: Better Health During COVID-19

Episode 03: Role Modeling and No Menthol Sunday

Episode 04: Farmers Markets and Summer Nutrition

Episode 05: Improving Medical Access in Rural Oklahoma

Episode 06: TSET Community Impact

Episode 07: Free State Resources for Hunger and COVID-19

Episode 08: TSET Research Impact

Episode 09: Youth Vaping and the Great American Smokeout

Episode 10: Happy Healthy Holidays!

Episode 11: Preemption: Big Tobacco's Political Play

Episode 12: Swap Up! A New Look At Teen Health

Episode 13: A Lesson in Better Health Education

Episode 14: Resilience in Action: Fighting Food Insecurity in Rural Oklahoma

Episode 15: The Power of Prevention with Dr. Steven Schroeder

Episode 16: Food Equity: Grocery Stores and Double Up Oklahoma

Episode 17: YAHL: Youth Action for Health Leadership

Episode 18: Oklahoma Center for Adult Stem Cell Research

Episode 19: OML: Incentive Grants for Healthier Local Environments

Episode 20: A Life-Saving Partnership: Stephenson Cancer Center & TSET Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Episode 21: Storytelling Saves Lives: The TSET Health Communication Team

Episode 22: 20 Years of a Healthier Oklahoma: TSET’s 20th Anniversary

Episode 23: Breaking Bad (Habits)

Episode 24: The Healthy Living Program

Episode 25: The TSET Health Promotion Research Center

Episode 26: A Vicious Cycle: Mental Health, Nicotine and Youth Resources

Episode 27:  Encore Presentation: TSET Community Impact

Episode 28: Nutrition on a Budget: Eating Healthy in Food Deserts

Episode 29: Benefits of a More Walkable Oklahoma

Episode 30: Nutrition in Public Schools

Episode 31: Native American Health, Culture and Tobacco 

Episode 32: Surviving Cancer with Screenings and Tobacco Cessation

Episode 33: Healthy Body and Spirit Through the Holidays

Episode 34: Taking Down Tobacco at Any Age 

Episode 35: Preemption: Foe of Public Health and Local Control

Episode 36: The Sinister Shapeshifting Tobacco Industry

Episode 37: Youth Nutrition and Lowering Obesity

Episode 38: Fun, Fit and Safe Physical Activity for All Ages

Episode 39: TSET's Investment in Research Reaps Healthy Dividends

Episode 40: A State Plan and Corrective Statements to Fight Tobacco

Episode 41: TSET Reorganization and Local Nutrition Innovations

Episode 42: Staying Physically Active and Work, School and Around the Town

Episode 43: Celebrating 20 Years of the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

Episode 44: Getting to the Heart of Good Health

Episode 45: Youth Vaping and How to Reduce It

Episode 46: Local Successes from Newer TSET Grant Programs

Last Modified on May 31, 2024
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