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Executive guides agency vision and strategic planning operations, provides support to the TSET Board of Directors, and engages with leadership at other state agencies.

Julie Bisbee
Executive Director

J. Lance Thomas
Chief of Staff

Engagement and Impact works closely with TSET’s existing grants and programs to ensure effective collaboration and consistent progress on program goals.

Jessica Davis
Director of Engagement and Outreach

Jamie McDaniel
Associate Director for Community Programs

Terry Rousey
Associate Director for Statewide Programs

Kira Switzer
Associate Director for Capacity Building

Sara Low
Senior Program Manager

Andrew Underkoffler
Senior Program Manager

Kelly Parker
Senior Program Manager

Laura Matlock
Program Manager

Jade Owen
Program Manager

Amanda Cribbs
Training Manager

Finance oversees the fiscal management and accountability of TSET and its programs, including accounting, grants management and contracts.

Allison McMichael
Director of Finance

Tessa North 
Associate Director of Grants and Contracts

Melanie Sommers
Grants Specialist

Nafees Rashid
Accountant IV

Blake Ferguson
Accountant I

Operations oversees human resources, facilities management and information technology support for the agency.

LaToshia Broadwater
Manager of HR and Operations

Shaun Lawrence
Administrative Assistant

Program Architecture drives the research and development of future grant opportunities and partnerships to increase TSET’s impact

Sjonna Paulson
Program Architect

Jonás Osio Mata
Program Architect

Public Information and Government Affairs provides the public and government officials information regarding TSET’s constitutional mission, program outcomes and health-related data.

Thomas Larson
Director of Public Information and Government Affairs

Lauren Carter Ford
Policy Manager

Quality and Performance utilizes data impact analysis to ensure transparency and accountability and inform decisions for maximum impact

Brittany Newman
Data Management Specialist

Strategic Communication encompasses TSET’s health communication brands and their award-winning messaging campaigns, along with agency communication and storytelling.

Kelli Brodersen
Director of Strategic Communication

James Tyree
Associate Director for Integrated Communication

Dylan Jasna
Associate Director for Campaigns and Brands

Ryan Hayden-Young
Program Strategist

Taylor Verkler
Communication Specialist

Samuel Carrillo
Audio/Visual Storyteller

Chase Harvick
Campaign Manager

Sarah Carson
Campaign Manager

Last Modified on Sep 05, 2023