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Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning

Creating a Roadmap for Oklahoma's Health

TSET's mission is to improve Oklahomans' health and quality of life by achieving targeted improvements in the health of Oklahomans. We focus program investments on high-impact priorities that reduce the leading causes of death in Oklahoma – cancer and cardiovascular disease. TSET does that by preventing and reducing the leading risk factors for those diseases, tobacco use and obesity. We also invest in high-priority research with an emphasis on reducing the toll of tobacco-related cancers. To achieve this objective, TSET funds accountable programs and services that address the hazards of tobacco use and other health issues. We employ an evidence-based strategic plan to achieve our objectives and evaluate the effectiveness of our grants and programs.


Improving the health of every Oklahoman


Improve the health and well-being of Oklahomans through programs that reduce tobacco use and obesity – the leading causes of preventable chronic disease – and by funding research that improves treatment and saves lives.

Values & Behaviors

  • To encourage programs and initiatives that are based on the best research available, follow practices with proven results, and provide the best opportunity for success. 
  • To explore emerging opportunities that encourage creative and innovative approaches.
  • To work cooperatively with other public and private organizations and funders to support joint efforts that will use funds efficiently, avoid duplication, minimize administrative expense and provide the opportunity for sustained activity. 
  • To plan and encourage community-based comprehensive services for urban and rural areas of Oklahoma. 
  • To make funding decisions based on the best interests of the people of Oklahoma and the merits of the proposals.
  • To encourage grantees to leverage additional resources through partnerships, grants and other monetary and in-kind contributions.

TSET Strategic Plan

Last Modified on Nov 06, 2023