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Sean Kuehn – Technology Engineering and TSA

Thursday, April 01, 2021

National TSA president is headed to the Big Apple this fall.

Then: Sean Kuehn wanted to be with his own kind. The Charles Page High School student said CareerTech’s Technology Student Association provided a community of like-minded students who were interested in the same career fields. Enrolling in the technology education program was a logical choice.

Kuehn didn’t just join, however. He chose to lead. He has served as both secretary and president of the Oklahoma TSA chapter and is currently the national TSA president.

Involvement in technology engineering and TSA has taught Kuehn

  • Communication skills.
  • How to make effective decisions.
  • Time management skills.

“I learned how to effectively manage my time to accomplish tasks,” he said, “especially when it comes to group projects or challenges that require teamwork.”

He said he uses those skills in his schoolwork and hopes to continue to develop them when he goes to Columbia University this fall.

Kuehn said CareerTech’s TSA program changed his life. He said in TSA he found a family that would last through high school and beyond.

“TSA has connected me with friends from around the country,” Kuehn said. “While in TSA, I discovered who I was and, more importantly, who I might become. Without the love and support of all of our Oklahoma TSA and Oklahoma CareerTech advisers and educators, students like me would not have the opportunity to pursue their passions and fulfill their goals and dreams.”

Now: Set to graduate this spring, Kuehn heads to college in New York this fall. He hopes to return to Oklahoma to serve his community either through government or nonprofit service.

“The beauty of a CareerTech education is that you are not just growing professionally, you’re also developing personally.”

Sean Kuehn, national TSA president

Last Modified on Nov 10, 2021
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