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Hailee Lindo - Canadian Valley Technology Center (update)

Monday, May 17, 2021

It's all in the family with this father-daughter carpentry duo.

Hailee Lindo - Canadian Valley Technology Center (update)

THEN: A high school student who liked to hang out at building sites with her dad while he framed houses. Hailee Lindo's father was a carpenter, but at that time Lindo said she was more interested in designing houses than building them.  

When 16-year-old Lindo decided she wanted to be an interior designer, she enrolled in Canadian Valley Technology Center's construction trades program to get a head start on her design career. At CV Tech, Lindo learned much more than design principles. She learned:

  • How to measure the rise and run for concrete. 
  • How to build cabinets. 
  • Construction math.
  • Construction safety, including proper use of a hand saw and skill saw. 
  • The importance of punctuality and how to be on time. 

When Lindo graduated from Piedmont High School in 2019, she joined her dad's framing business, Paul Lindo Construction.  She said her father helped her navigate her journey from a male-dominated classroom to a male-dominated workplace. But working with Dad is not always easy.

"He definitely keeps me on my feet," she said. "He pushes me pretty hard, and that helps me be successful out here with only men on-site." 

Lindo has decided to forego college for now, but her education continues through hands-on experience. She still loves design and has taken a few design classes, but she said she also likes the idea of becoming a builder and would like to own her own construction business.

"Every wall and every room really matters to [the homeowner], and it makes me excited for them to see the finished house," she said. 

NOW: A framing carpenter by day, Lindo builds custom furniture on the side. She said it's fun to make items she's seen at places like Urban Outfitters or Target for a fraction of the cost. And there are daily benefits to being a craftsman, as well.

"Being able to do my own thing in my apartment, like fix something or hang pictures in the correct spot, is important for me to know," she said. "Now, I don't need a man's help." 

"SkillsUSA will always have a piece of my heart." 

Hailee Lindo, framing carpenter

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Last Modified on Nov 10, 2021
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