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Alyssa, Lacey & Maddy Rains - Canadian Valley Technology Center

Friday, July 16, 2021

It's a family affair - three sisters, three certifications

Yukon triplets (from L) Lacey, Alyssa & Maddy Rains.

THEN: A tech center trifecta. Alyssa, Lacey and Maddy will graduate from Yukon High School this week, and their parents are as proud as any parents would be. Times three.

The girls are sisters. Triplets, to be precise. And not only are the Rains sisters graduating from high school, they are also finishing vocational programs at Canadian Valley Technology Center.

Despite sharing virtually everything growing up, Alyssa, Lacey and Maddy Rains did not share a classroom at CVTC. Alyssa and Lacey are identical twins, but the only thing that’s identical about their plans of study is that they will both leave high school with professional certifications in addition to their diplomas.

Alyssa will complete the early care and education program. She said she wants to specialize in sign language because she enjoys helping others.

Her identical twin, Lacey, is working on a welding certification, but she hasn’t decided yet if she’ll pursue industry work or art.

And then there’s Maddy. As triplets in a small town, the sisters have spent a lot of time in the limelight. That may or may not have had anything to do with Maddy’s decision to become a cinematographer. Maddy is their fraternal sibling and is about to complete the digital media program at CVTC.

NOW: After graduating from Yukon High School and Canadian Valley Technology Center, the Rains sisters plan to attend classes at Oklahoma City Community College.

It’s not the last time CVTC staff will see the trio in their hallways, however. All three plan to enroll in a short-term business class on the advice of their mother, Krysta Rains.

“I treat them individually,” she said. “They all have their own career paths.”

Last Modified on Jul 16, 2021
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