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Luther Bishop

1885 - 1926

Agent Bishop is described by a federal agent as having "been successful in putting in the penitentiary more bank robbers and other outlaws than any other man in this state." Bishop is also given credit for helping solve the "Reign of Terror of the Osage Hills" murder case in which Osage Indians were murdered for their oil money. In order to solve the case, Bishop "borrowed" convicted bank robber Blackie Thompson from the state penitentiary to use as an informant - an innovative technique for the times.

Agent Bishop was shot and killed in his own home under suspicious circumstances.

An intruder broke into his home at 1515 West 28th Street and shot him seven times after breaking in at approximately 2:00 am. It is believed he was murdered as a result of his work for the State Bureau of Investigation.

In 1928 an inmate in the Minnesota State Penitentiary confessed to murdering Agent Bishop. The inmate stated that an accomplice was shot and killed during a shootout with officers in Texas.

Agent Bishop had served with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for ten years. He was survived by his wife, son, three brothers, two sisters, and his father.

He is buried at Fairlawn Cemetery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Last Modified on May 11, 2024
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