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Voter List

The Oklahoma Open Records Act requires Oklahoma’s voter registration information to be made publicly available. A voter list can be obtained through the State Election Board OK Election Data Warehouse (EDW).

Anyone may request online access to the OK Election Data Warehouse (EDW) at no charge. To request access to the database you must complete and submit a Request to Download Files.

The voter database does not contain voters’ driver license numbers or Social Security numbers. These are protected under state law and are never released. Phone numbers and email addresses are not part of a voter’s registration record and are, therefore, not available to the public through the Oklahoma State Election Board or any county election board.

By law, the method of voting is only available to the public for a regularly scheduled federal, state election OR a statewide special election for a state question. See 26 O.S. § 7-138.

Some voters may qualify to have their records removed from the public voter database. Learn more about Voter Privacy Programs on our website.

A list of voters who have requested absentee ballots for the most recent election is also available through the OK Election Data Warehouse approximately forty-five (45) days prior to each election. The list is available in a spreadsheet format and is updated each night.

Request Form to Download Files

Request Form to Renew Account Access (same form used to request new account access)

OK Election Data Warehouse (EDW) Information Packet

Last Modified on Mar 15, 2024
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