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Redistricting Q & A

Who initiates the redistricting process?

The United States Constitution requires a count of the U.S. population every 10 years, which is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. The number of seats in the United States House of Representatives is then reapportioned among the states, based on the new census numbers.

Once the process is complete, each state is required to draw new boundaries for its congressional districts to equalize the population for the number of House seats allotted to its state.

New boundaries are also drawn for other districts, including those of the State Legislature and county commissioners.

Who is responsible for redistricting?

In Oklahoma, neither the State Election Board, nor the county election boards play a role in the redistricting process. The process to redraw congressional and legislative boundaries is conducted by the Oklahoma Legislature. County commissioners determine county commissioner lines. 

How does redistricting affect my voting precinct?

Once the redistricting process has been completed, precinct lines must be adjusted to match the new district boundaries. New precinct lines may result in some voters being placed in new voting districts and/or having a new polling place.

Who is responsible for drawing precinct lines?

It is the responsibility of the secretary of each county election board to use the newly established district boundaries to redraw precinct lines. Precinct lines are determined based on statutory requirements, as well as additional information received from the U.S. Census Bureau. Secretaries may consider other factors when redrawing precinct lines, including the availability of polling places, as well as available resources and feasibility.

Who approves new precinct lines?

New precinct lines must be approved by each bipartisan County Election Board at a public meeting.

Once the new precinct boundaries are approved, the data is submitted to the State Election Board. Precinct maps are made available through the Center for Spatial Analysis and a map of precincts is displayed at each County Election Board office.

How do I know if my district and/or polling place has changed?

Changes to precincts and polling places were implemented after the April 5, 2022 election. You can verify whether or not you have new voting districts, a new precinct and/or a new polling place, by logging in to the OK Voter Portal.

Will I be notified of changes?

If your precinct has changed, you will receive notification from your County Election Board in the form of a new Voter ID card, which will include a note of change in red. You can also confirm your precinct and/or polling place information through the OK Voter Portal or by contacting your County Election Board or the State Election Board at or (405) 521-2391.

Last Modified on Dec 08, 2023
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