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Update Voter Registration

You can opt to automatically submit changes to your voter registration at your local tag agency, when you update your name or address on your driver’s license or state ID.

You can also make changes using the OK Voter Portal or by submitting a new Voter Registration Application to your County Election Board.

How to Make Changes

  • If you have moved within the same county where you are currently registered to vote, you can make changes to your address or political affiliation online using the OK Voter Portal.
Address Recognition - The portal may not recognize your address if you have moved into a new neighborhood or new construction home. If the portal does not recognize your address, you will need to complete a new, paper Voter Registration Application.

Please complete all sections of the application. Applications filled out online, must be printed, signed, and mailed or hand-delivered to your County Election Board. (Applications are also available at your County Election Board, most tag agencies, post offices, and libraries.) Changes will be processed in accordance with state law deadlines. You will be mailed a new Voter ID card upon approval. 

If you have not received a new Voter ID card within 30 days of submitting your changes or registration application, please contact your County Election Board.

Deadline to Submit Changes

You can submit changes at any time; however, the law prohibits changes from being made 24 days or less prior to an election in your precinct. The deadline to make changes to your registration is the same as the deadline to register to vote. Changes received after the deadline will be processed immediately following the election.

Voting at Previous Polling Place

State law [26 O.S. § 4-117] allows voters, who have moved within the county where they are currently registered to vote, the opportunity to vote one last time at their previous polling place by showing a valid ID and filling out a new Voter Registration Application.

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2022