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Noncitizens are not eligible to become registered voters in the State of Oklahoma.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1 of Article III of the Oklahoma Constitution, “qualified electors” must be citizens of the United States and bona fide residents of the State of Oklahoma who are over the age of eighteen.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 4 of Article III of the Oklahoma Constitution, "The Legislature shall prescribe the time and manner of holding and conducting all elections, and enact such laws as may be necessary to detect and punish fraud in such elections. The Legislature may provide by law for the registration of electors throughout the state and, when it is so provided, no person shall vote at any election unless he shall have registered according to law."

State law further states that to be eligible to register to vote in Oklahoma, a person must be a qualified elector — which includes being a citizen. The statute also places restrictions on persons convicted of a felony or adjudged to be an incapacitated person. (See 26 O.S. § 4-101.)

Additionally, multiple laws are in place to ensure compliance:

It is a felony for a noncitizen to register to vote in Oklahoma. (See 26 O.S. § 16-103 and 26 O.S. § 16-103.1.)

No person shall be permitted to vote in any election conducted by any county election board unless such person is a registered voter, unless otherwise provided by law. (See 26 O.S. § 4-102)

 “No voter registration services shall be offered to any person who, at the time of an application for issuance or renewal of an Oklahoma driver license or state identification card, provides documentation that shows that the person is not a citizen of the United States.” (See 26 O.S. § 4-109.3)

 “The court clerk in each county shall prepare each month a list of all persons who were excused from jury duty for not being a citizen of the United States and provide the list to the secretary of the county election board. The secretary shall cancel the registration of each registered voter included on the list, and shall report the person or persons to the district attorney and the United States attorney for the county.” (See 26 O.S. § 4-120.5.)

A voter’s registration may only be cancelled for reasons allowed by law. (See 26 O.S. § 4-120.)

Last Modified on May 30, 2024
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