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Time Off for Voting

State law 26 O.S. § 7-101 allows time off for voting.

By law, employers must allow employees, who are registered to vote, two hours of time to vote either on Election Day or during early voting periods; however, there are several provisions.

(1)    An employee must work at such a distance that extended time off would be necessary to vote.

(2)    Time off for voting can only be granted upon oral or written request and must be made at least three days prior to the day in which the voter intends to be absent.

(3)    The employer may select the day(s) and/or hour(s) the employee may use to vote.

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(4)    Time off will not be granted to employees, if a three-hour voting period exists before or after the employees’ normal working hours.

(5)    Employers may alter an employee’s work scheduled to accommodate voting hours.

Upon proof of voting, an employee will not be subject to any loss of compensation or other penalty for such absence.

Voters with additional questions should consult their employer or legal advisor.

Last Modified on Dec 19, 2023
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