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Voter Registration Drives

Hosting a Drive

Anyone can host a voter registration drive in our state – including candidates, members of political parties, and businesses. However, both those hosting and assisting voters should be mindful of their duties and legal responsibilities.

Before planning a voter registration drive, please read our Voter Registration Q & A and Tips.

We also recommend downloading and distributing a copy of our Legal Responsibilities guide to anyone who will be assisting voters with registration.

Requesting Voter Registration Applications

Any person or organization seeking permission to print, copy, prepare and/or distribute Oklahoma Voter Registration Applications may apply in writing to the Secretary of the State Election Board. Please note that the Secretary reserves the right to revoke permission at any time.

There are two voter registration drive options: 

Electronic Voter Registration Drive



Cardstock/Paper Voter Registration Drive



Returning Voter Registration Applications

There is no law which prohibits a voter registration host from collecting applications and mailing or hand delivering them to the State Election Board or County Election Board. However, you may consider having applicants mail their own applications, since the forms contain sensitive information. Applications that are collected can be returned in a single envelope or box. 

IMPORTANT: If you choose to collect applications, you are also making the choice to be responsible for the applicants’ personal information. Additionally, you are responsible for returning the applications in a timely manner. We recommend mailing or hand delivering applications to the Election Board immediately following the voter registration drive.

A detailed list of elections and voter registration deadlines can be found on the State Election Board website.

For more information about hosting a Voter Registration Drive in Oklahoma, contact the State Election Board at (405) 521-2391 or

Last Modified on Aug 15, 2023
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