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Request to Download Voter List

To request access to the OK Election Data Warehouse (EDW) you must complete and submit a Request to Download Files

There is no charge for online access. Access is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. Voter registration data is updated every weeknight.

Organization of Files

Applicants are encouraged to download the OK Election Data Warehouse Information Packet, which contains layout specifications, code lists, and instructions.

Files containing voter registration records are available electronically. The files are broken down by:

  • U.S. Congressional District
  • County
  • State House of Representatives District
  • State Senator District

Files may be downloaded individually, for the entire state, or you may conduct a custom query. Custom query instructions are available in the OK Election Data Warehouse Information Packet. Video tutorials are also available in the OK Election Data Warehouse.

Voter registration records include each voters' name, address, date of birth, political affiliation, voter ID number, precinct and voting history, technology center district, school district and municipality.

Voter registration records do not include full or partial Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or voters' race, color, sex or ethnic origin.

Files containing voter history records are available electronically and contain the voter's ID number and voting history only.

NOTE: Effective November 1, 2021, the method of voting will only be available to the public for a regularly scheduled federal or state election OR a statewide election for a state question. See 26 O.S. § 7-138 .

These are database files, not printable lists.  You will need to use the included precinct/district information with your own relational database software to identify a voters' Congressional district, legislative district, County Commissioner district and polling place.  You can also use your own database tools to sort the records and create lists and labels.

Request Form to Download Files

Request Form to Renew Account Access (same form used to request new account access)

OK Election Data Warehouse (EDW) Information Packet

Last Modified on Aug 24, 2021
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