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CAP Forms

Funding Requests
  010A Change Order Multiple Line 09/09/2020
  010B Change Order Single Line 09/09/2020
  A101 Standard Agreement Between Owner and Contractor - Stipulated Sum (For Reference Only) 09/16/2020
  A106 Standard Agreement Between Owner and Contractor -Minor Contracts (For Reference Only) 09/16/2020
  A121 Standard Agreement Between Owner and Contruction Manager as Constructor - GMP (For Reference Only) 09/16/2020
  A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction 09/16/2020
  A305 Contractor Qualification Statement 09/16/2020
  A311 Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit 09/16/2020
  A312A Performance Bond 04/10/2020
  A312B Payment Bond 04/10/2020
  A312C Statutory Defect Bond 04/10/2020
  A701 Instruction to Bidders 09/16/2020
  B101 Standard Form of Agreement for Owner's Representative ( For Reference Only) 10/05/2020
  B150 Standard Form of Agreement for Value-Added Programs w/Consultant (For Reference Only) 10/05/2020
  B151AM Standard Agreement Amendment 09/08/2015
  D305 Construction Manager and Design-Build Registration 10/05/2020
  D312 Statement of Exemption from Workers' Compensation Act 10/05/2020
  D403 Solicitation Cover Page (For Minor Projects Under Statutory Amount) 10/01/2020
  D405 Bid Form (For Minor Projects Under Statutory Amount) 10/01/2020
  D590 Vendor Evaluation and Instructions 06/09/2020
  G001 CAP Project Cover Sheets  
  G001 Arch Size 08/27/2020
  G001 ODOT Arch Size D 08/27/2020
  G001 OMD Arch Size D 08/27/2020
  G001 OTRD Arch Size D 08/27/2020
  State of Oklahoma branding logo PNG for use with all G001 DWGs 08/27/2020
  State of Oklahoma Seal logo PNG for use with all G001 DWGs 08/27/2020
  G129 Owner's Representative (Consultant) Invoice 10/05/2020
  G150 Off-site Stored Materials Statement 05/08/2020
  G701 Change Order 10/05/2020
  G702-703 Contractor and Construction Manager  Invoice 12/01/2020
  G704 Certificate of Substantial Completion 10/05/2020
  G706 Certificate of Contract Completion 10/05/2020
  G707 Consent of Surety to Final Payment 10/05/2020
  G707A Consent of Surety for Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainange 10/05/2020
  M100 Owner's Representative (Consultant) Selection Process 05/28/2020
  M101 Owner's Representative (Consultant) Screening Evaluation 05/28/2020
  M102 Owner's Representative (Consultant) Interview Evaluation 05/28/2020
  M103 Evaluations Rank Tally Sheet 05/28/2020
  M200 Construction Manager Selection Procedure 05/28/2020
  M201 Construction Manager Screening Evaluation Form 05/28/2020
  M202 Construction Manager Interview Evaluation Form 05/28/2020
  M254 Consultant Registration Questionnaire Instructions 08/06/2020
  M255 Consultant Services for a Specific Project Instructions 08/06/2020
  M300 On-Call Consultant Selection Process 05/17/2013
  M301 Request for on Call Consultant  08/24/2012
  M302 Request for IDIQ Consultant or IDIQ Contractor 10/07/2015
  M303 CAP IDIQ & On-Call Consultant Proposal Guidelines 05/17/2013
  M400 OK Roof Asset Management Program Procedures 05/24/2003
  M401 Oklahoma Paving Program Procedures 03/02/2015
  M402 Oklahoma Elevator Maintenance Program Procedures 03/23/2016
  M500 Pre-Design Services Procedures 08/24/2012
  M600 Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quanity (IDIQ) Program Procedures 05/17/2013
  M601  Contract for Minor Construction Work Not to Exceed $5,000 07/24/2018
  M701  Project Requisition Checklist Schedule  04/06/2020
  M701 Fee Fee Schedule 10/01/2020
  M709 Project Requisition (OCIA Funding)  08/24/2012
  M710 Project Requisition Checklist (Capital Improvements Funding)  05/07/2015
  M800 Procedures & Forms for Bidding Projects Under the Statutory Limit  07/09/2020
  P001 Clarification and Application of Fees  
  P003 Approved Roof Manufacturers  
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