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About OMES

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services is state government’s backbone. Agencies turn to us for the finance, property, human resources and technology services they need to succeed. We’re a trusted, credible partner providing the business expertise that makes Oklahoma government work.


Serving those who serve Oklahomans.


To provide excellent service, expert guidance and continuous improvement in support of our partners' goals.

Core Values

We are servants. We are servant-leaders. We are open communicators. We are collaborative. We are respectful, humble and we get stuff done!

It starts with property. With more than 88 million square feet of owned and leased office space and about 1 million acres of land, state government is the second-largest property owner in Oklahoma. OMES plays a big role in that portfolio, providing agencies with expertise in building management, real estate, construction and fleet services. And we do it in a way that saves agencies money, whether through property sales or reuse.

Speaking of money, we do that, too. OMES is the state’s central finance agency, responsible for overseeing the distribution of billions of dollars a year to every corner of government. We also help agencies manage that money through budgeting, accounting, purchasing and more.

State government’s best asset, though, is its people. OMES is privileged to work with the entire state workforce during their service to the state through recruitment, job training, wellness programs and other human resources needs. We also administer active and retired government worker insurance plans that cover nearly 280,000 people.

In today’s world, technology infrastructure is just as important as transportation or utility infrastructure. As state government’s central technology provider, OMES maintains the vast network of systems used to educate children, treat patients, empower emergency responders and allow citizens to interact with their government online. Our cybersecurity branch works diligently to protect those systems from threats by warding off 11,000 cyber-attacks each week.

OMES provides several other services, from designing and administering state agency websites or other publications to helping agencies use the power of big data and analytics to inform spending and operational decisions.

While a lot of what OMES does is visible to those in government, one of its biggest projects is certainly on prominent display to all Oklahomans. OMES is a leader in the State Capitol Restoration effort, which promises to be the most high profile construction project in the state for years to come. Through diligent work, OMES is making sure the 100-year-old People’s House—Oklahoma’s front door to the world—will be restored to its original brilliance for this and future generations.

As state government’s backbone, OMES always stands ready to assist. You can count on us and contact us anytime.

OMES Service Map

We are committed to providing the central services you need, enabling you to accomplish your missions and serve Oklahomans.

Last Modified on Nov 30, 2023
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