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State Contract Structure

The information on this page is provided to assist state agencies in creating a solicitation using the new state contract structure. To access these documents, select the link provided.

To start your solicitation documents, it is recommended that if you haven’t already viewed the December 2019 and June 2020 webinars that were presented by OMES Procurement Training, you should watch them both first to get the overview of the new template structure. You can watch the webinars in their entirety if you have access to Workday@OK. Here are instructions to login to Workday@OK. You can also search for the June 2020 webinar using the same instructions.

Procurement Information Request - Acquisition Planning Worksheet

The Procurement Information Request will give you an excellent tool that will walk you through each step of the process by utilizing the Acquisition Planning Worksheet to guide you. After you have completed the worksheet, you can access the templates and enter the information you’ve already gathered into each of them as instructed, or if you are using Alternative 1 and are not comfortable with Alternative 2, you can ask for assistance from OMES to complete the process instead.

Contract Templates

For Alternative 2, you will use the information in the worksheet to fill out the Bidder Instructions and Attachment A. Attachment B State Standard Terms, should not be changed but used to de-duplicate Attachment C Agency Terms. Attachment C should be used if you have additional terms that aren’t included in Attachment B.

The Bidder Instructions and all attachments should be submitted with your eProcurement Requisition



Last Modified on Jan 19, 2024
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