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P-Card Services

A State Purchase Card is a form of credit card issued to designated state employees. The P-Card is used by the cardholder to make purchases of most types of goods and services necessary for official use of the state. Personal purchases are prohibited. The state is liable for payment. The objective of the program is to simplify and reduce paperwork necessary for agency purchases by placing P-Cards in the hands of trained employees who actually utilize the goods and services purchased. Purchasing offices and certified procurement officers may also use P-Cards.

Program Structure

The program is a blend of centralized procedures, training and program monitoring, coupled with decentralized day-to-day management and P-Card use. Key individuals in the daily operation of the program are:

  • State P-Card Program Administrator - The employee in the Office of Management and Enterprise Services designated to manage the program statewide.
  • Agency P-card Administrator - The employee in each state agency designated to manage that agency's program.
  • Approving Official - The agency employee designated to conduct a monthly review of P-Card purchases made by one or more cardholders.
  • Cardholder - The agency employee trained and authorized to make approved purchases using the P-Card.


Because the P-Card affects purchasing and financial transactions, there are a number of safeguards included in the program. Examples include cardholder selection, training, reviews and reports, card limits and periodic internal and external audits.


Advantages achieved through use of the State P-Card Program include simplification and expediting of purchasing processes, no fees, rebates to participating agencies, reduced transaction times and transaction costs and merchant acceptance because of faster payment.

P-Card Use

Use of P-Cards was authorized by legislation. Use of the P-Card is limited to purchases of $5,000 or less for a single transaction. Agencies may limit any specific P-Card to a lower amount. The $5,000 limitation does not apply to acquisitions from Central Purchasing statewide contracts, Utilities, Interagency Payments or Professional Services as defined in Section 803 of Title 18 of the Oklahoma Statutes. The P-Cards may be used for walk-in, telephone or Internet purchases.

Purchase Card Tax Exemptions

The following documents explain the exemption from Oklahoma sales tax on purchases made with an Oklahoma-issued purchase card and the exemption from tax on hotel/lodging rates. They can be downloaded, printed and delivered or e-mailed to vendors requesting documentation of the exemption.



OMES - Central Purchasing
2401 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 116
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

State Purchase Card Administrator
Phone: 405-521-6503

Bank of America Contact Information for Lost/Stolen P-Cards
Toll-free: 888-449-2273
Outside U.S.: 509-353-6656

Last Modified on Dec 06, 2023