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Program Services

Child Health Services
Management of child hood conditions and minor illnesses

Child Guidance Services
Program works with families and children to prevent problems

Children First Program
Program provides information and education to first time parents

Consumer Protection
Services include inspection of food, hotel-motel establishments

Family Planning
Provides clinical and counseling services to women of child bearing age

Health Education
Health Educators provide information to individuals and communities in an effort to promote, maintain, and improve healthy lifestyles.

HIV/Sexual Health and Harm Reduction Services (formerly STD)
Program concentrates on screening, diagnosing, educating and treating

Immunization Services
Provides a variety of immunizations to infants, children and adults

Soonerstart/Early Intervention
Program provides service to children with disabilities

Tobacco Prevention
Reduce tobacco dependence and promote smoke free environments

Purpose is to identify, prevent, control, and eventually eliminate TB

Supplemental food program for pregnant, breast feeding, postpartum women, infants and children 1-5 years of age

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