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The WIC Program in Seminole County provides specific supplemental foods for good health and nutrition during critical times of growth and development. Foods provided by the program supply calcium, protein, iron, and vitamins A, D, and C.

WIC provides nutrition education to participants at no cost.  Nutrition education is designed to be easily understood by participants and to bear a practical relationship to participant nutritional needs, household situations, and cultural preferences.

Documented benefits of WIC include:

  • an increase in early (first trimester) prenatal care
  • increased length of gestation
  • decreased rate of pre-term delivery
  • significant increases in birth weight
  • reduced late fetal deaths, and
  • increased infant head circumferences.

WIC participation has also been associated with improved intakes of protein, calories and other nutrients which often are inadequate in the diets of low income pregnant women and children. Improved utilization of immunization services by children has also been found.

Who is eligible for WIC?

  • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or who have recently given birth
  • Any child, birth to five years of age

Who may apply for WIC services for a child?

  • Parent, caretaker, guardian or proxy
  • Two-parent families, single-mother or single-father families, grandparents and foster parents.

What do I do to qualify for WIC benefits?

  • Live in the State of Oklahoma
  • Have a family income within program limits. (If you receive income from a job you may still qualify.)
  • You may be eligible for WIC if you are eligible for Medicaid, Food Stamps or TANF benefits.

What does WIC provide?

  • Free information on nutrition, healthy eating and breastfeeding
  • Nutritious foods to add to your diet

Call the Seminole County Health Department for an appointment at:
Seminole Office: (405) 382-4369
Wewoka Office: (405) 257-5401 or (405) 382-4369

What information will I need to provide the WIC clinic?
You will need to furnish name, address, birth date, etc. for the person you wish to enroll.

You will also need to furnish the amount of your family income.

What will happen at my WIC appointment?
Your WIC professional will ask for a brief health and eating history. You will receive a weight and height check along with a finger stick test. You will learn how WIC foods will help you and your child.

When will I receive WIC foods?
If you are eligible, you will receive your WIC checks on the day of your appointment and can go directly to the grocery store.

For more information visit:
WIC Works

**This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.**

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