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Adult Health Services

Mammogram and Breast exam

The Adult Health Services at the Seminole County Health Department encourage men and women of Seminole County to "take charge" of their health.

Adult Health Services include:

  • Health History
  • Clinical Breast Exam
  • Pap Smear and limited screening pelvic exam for women 19-64
  • Clinical breast exam for women 19-64 years of age who are not Family Planning Clients
  • Mammograms for women 40-64 years of age
  • Blood Pressure Screening/Monitoring
  • Diabetes Screening
  • STD screening/treatment, if symptomatic
  • Height/Weight/BMI
  • Testicular Exam
  • Referral & follow-up for abnormal results

For appointment information please contact the Seminole County Health Department at, Seminole Office (405) 382-4369 or
Wewoka Office (405) 257-5401

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