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Welcome to the Authoring Reference Guide

The State of Oklahoma Web Modernization Framework is designed to help teams create a seamless online experience for the citizens of Oklahoma. 

This Web Guide details the Components and Templates that are available within that framework. The Framework provides structure and standardization and will help you adhere to brand guidelines. This guide, along with design principles listed within, will help you build consistent, modern, and accessible websites.

Designing Effective Web Pages

We believe that a user-centric approach is crucial to building effective web sites. Our Designing Effective Web Pages guide is a handy resource that will help you create user-centric experiences that people can use and want to use. 

Design Principles

The Web Modernization Framework adheres to 5 design principles.


A familiar and consistent design system will improve constituent’s satisfaction with state sites. 


The design system can scale or propogate content across exiisting sites, future sites, or campaign marketing


Easy access for authors and stakeholders to see live usage instructions.


In the system, there are multiple options for styles and themes. Additionally, the system is built on a responsive framework meaning the same pages can be viewed on various devices


The design system is extensible, meaning that it can evolve and grow over time to adapt to new user needs.

Last Modified on Nov 12, 2020
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