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The Newsfeed component displays a collection of articles from witin AEM or an RSS feed for easy viewing.  The Newsfeed component is a great way to show recent articles on a homepage or landing page.

How it Works

To configure, the author only needs to select the location where the articles can be found and how many to show.

How to Use

Once the Newsfeed component is added to the page, the author can edit the following fields to configure the Newsfeed.


In this field, the author can input the Heading which will appear above the Newsfeed component.

If this field is left blank, no heading will appear.

Global News?

This checkbox can be chosen for news from ALL Oklahoma agencies should appear.  If this option is chosen all articles within AEM and RSS feeds will populate the Newsfeed.

Agency Newsroom Path

If the Global News checkbox is not selected, this field can be configured to select the loction of the news you would like to appear.

Agency Category Path

If the Global News checkbox is not selected, this field can be configured, along with the Agency Newsroom Path field, to slect news within a specific Category type in the Newsfeed.

Number of Items to be Displayed

Use this field to determine how many items should appear within the Newsfeed.

View More Link and Link Title

These fields can be used to choose a location and button title for where users can go to read more articles.  This option should be used to choose a news page where all of the articles can be seen.

Default Thumbnail

The Newsfeed can be configured to show a small image beside the article.  If the article has an thumbnail image associated with it, that image will appear.  If there is not an image the Default Thumbnail will appear.  In this field, you may choose what thumbnail should appear.  This field is required.

Important to Note:

  • The Newsfeed component must be will only show pages built in the Article template.
  • Articles will appear within the Newsfeed sorted by date.  This option is not editable.

Style Choices

There are two style options for how the Newsfeed can appear - With image and Without image.  The default setting is with image.  If without image is chosen, an image will not appear beside each article (only title appears).

Last Modified on Dec 10, 2020
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