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Agency Footer

The Agency Footer appears on the bottom of the page, above the Global Footer. The agency footer houses the agency logo, an agency address, useful links pertaining to the agency, links to agency social media, newsletter email sign up and optional legal text.

How it Works

The structure of the agency footer allows designated space for many elements. With the author controlling the amount of content added, the agency footer varies in height. When multiple links are added, the height of the footer adjusts to accommodate the length. The background color is theme-able. 

How to Use

The agency footer can be created using the Configure panel. Within the panel are tabs for Logo, Links, Social Links, and Email Form. By following the dialog box for the following tabs, the agency footer can be populated.

  • Logo - an image asset can be placed.
  • Address - an address can be entered with configuration for Contact us
  • Links - pertinent agency links can be added
  • Social Links - can be added and will appear in the form of a white icon
  • Email Form - can be enabled with a check box.

Desktop Example

Mobile Example

Last Modified on Nov 10, 2020
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