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The Core Component Text Component is a rich text editing and composing component that features in-place editing.

How it Works

The Text Component offers a robust rich text editor that allows for easy text editing in a simplified, in-line editor as well as a full screen format.

The edit dialog features in-line editing with limited options with full functionality available in the full-screen edit dialog. Using the design dialog, text formatting options such as headings, special characters, and paragraph styles can be configured for the template for the content author.

The Core Components Text Component leverages the AEM Rich Text Editor (RTE). The RTE provides content authors with a wide range of functionality for editing their text content. The RTE is very flexible in its configuration and offers a number of options.

How to Use

Configure Dialog

The edit dialog offers the standard rich text formatting tools a user would expect to compose text including the following options

  • Bold
  • Italic 
  • Underline
  • Subscript 1
  • Superscript 1
  • Paste as Text
  • Paste from Word
  • Hyperlink
  • Unlink 
  • Find
  • Replace
  • Align Text Left
  • Center Text
  • Align Text Right
  • Bullet
  • Numbered
  • Outdent
  • Indent
  • Table
  • Check Spelling
  • Special Characters
  • Source Edit
  • Paragraph Format
  • In-Line Editing 

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Last Modified on Nov 10, 2020
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