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Brand Strategy

The development of our new Brand Strategy began with audience research that revealed what makes our state unique. This led us to an internally-facing positioning statement that sums up the typical Oklahoma experience, which for visitors and newcomers, usually starts with unexpected surprise and delight.
Oklahoma surprises everyone with authentic experiences and genuine opportunity.
What follows is a more detailed look at this positioning statement in the larger context of our Brand Framework.

Our brand story

The following internal-facing story summarizes the thoughts and feelings we identified through our research. We’ve included it here to help you get a good sense of the new brand, but this is not copy you would necessarily incorporate in to your communications. For our guidance on brand language, see the Verbal Identity guidelines.


Living the life we choose and reaching our own personalized versions of happiness are the ideals Oklahoma was founded on. Today, with optimism and opportunity energizing the entire state, Oklahoma and its people continue to inspire others to pursue their potential on their own terms and experience life richly lived.
Beyond the first impressions that blow people away, Oklahoma is where newcomers can look forward to an accelerated career path. Early homeownership. Starting their own new enterprise. Businesses will relocate here, and stay here, for the vibrant culture and the affordable lifestyle their employees desire. Residents will proudly share Oklahoma with tourists, so they too can take in their tribal nations’ remarkable history, the awe-inspiring land and sky, and fusion of traditional and modern experiences.
Deep in the character of every Oklahoman beats a pioneering heart, fortified by the grit, resilience and humor that have sustained them through more than a century of victory, adversity and growth. Selflessly generous, Oklahomans greet each other and visitors with a lasting embrace that can’t be found anywhere else.
Whether it’s a three-day visit or the adventure of a new life, Oklahoma is your opportunity to thrive.
Last Modified on Nov 05, 2020
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