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Visual Identity

Bringing our brand promise to life through visuals.

The Oklahoma Logo

The Oklahoma logo is the most important aesthetic element of our visual identity, and it functions as a powerful identifier of our state.

The design of our logo is based on shapes and colors embedded in our history. The form is inspired by our native heritage . It reflects the earth, sky, water, agriculture and forest. The colors speak to the seasons. The white star is a powerful symbol of America that is a part of our state seal and on the original flag of the state. Chevrons acknowledge our military. These elements form a circle and direct their energy inward, dramatizing Oklahoma as a hub at the center of America. This symbol invited everyone to join us here in an embracing community, to take in countless unexpected experiences and explore genuine opportunity.

The logo is used on externally facing communications, internal employee communications, signage and fleet. It instantly presents a visual identity and signals to our audience a communication is from Oklahoma.

Logo versions


The state logo has two standard configurations – vertical and horizontal. Custom configurations may be developed for special formats such as signage or digital icons, but these should only be used in consultation with the State Brand Marketing Team.

Standard Vertical Configuration
State star and Oklahoma text logo - Standard Horizontal Configuration Standard Horizontal Configuration

Special use configurations

The two special configurations shown below are used in special instances where space is limited.

Large Symbol A
Large Symbol B

Logo Options

The preferred use of the Oklahoma logo is in full color on a white background. A reverse version of the full-color logo is available for use on dark or black backgrounds. Custom configurations and colors are an option for special formats, such as signage or digital icons. Gradients or other colors can not be applied to the state name nor the state star.

Full-color positive logo (preferred use)
Full-color reverse logo on black background
Monochrome-color logos

Monochrome logos

The logo also appears in six color monochrome versions, each matching a segment of the full-color logo.

The monochrome logos are used in instances where a more serious or subtle impression is desired. They may also be used if the color conceptually relates to the subject matter presented – for example, using the green monochrome logo for environmental matters

Black and reverse logos

Black and reverse logos

Black and reverse logos can be used in one or two color applications.

The reverse logos may be used on colored backgrounds.

Greyscale black and reverse logos show the different segments in the chevrons of the logo. The flat black and reverse logos do not.

Only use the flat versions of the logo where technical limitations prevent using another version. Printing the logo small on a pen is an example of proper usage of a flat logo.


When using the Oklahoma logo on a colored background or photograph, always make sure the surrounding area is simple and provides enough contrast to be visually clear.

Clear Space

The Oklahoma logo is most visible and effective when surrounded by open space. As you’ll see in the diagram, unobstructed clear space must surround the logo in all situations. At minimum, this space must be equal to the measure of a square drawn within the star of the symbol. In many cases, more clear space is ideal.

In special cases, such as signage, it may be acceptable to reduce the clear space around the logo so that it reproduces larger for improved legibility.

Minimum Size

To make sure it is visible and legible, the Oklahoma logo should never be used where the symbol is smaller than 1/4 inches tall in print materials. On digital applications, the Oklahoma logo should never be smaller than 36 px tall.



Star Symbol as supergraphic

The symbol from the Oklahoma logo may be used as a supergraphic. It is used to highlight our presence and provide an energetic element in our designs.

This crop is consistent to ensure that the star within the symbol is fully visible.

The supergraphic may be used in full color, monochrome in any of the core brand colors, or in black and white.

Transparency may be used to make the graphic chevrons appear more subtle or to have them integrate better with backgrounds.

Branded Colors

Next to our logo, color is the most recognizable visual element of our visual identity. Our colors are inviting and reflect the essence of our state.

Bright and dark hues

Each of our six core brand colors comes in two hues – bright and dark. These two hues make up the different color segments of our logo. The bright and dark hues provide a good range of color options that function on both light and dark backgrounds.

Color Specifications

Included here are specifications for printing with four-color process (CMYK), digital presentations (RGB and HEX) and printing with Pantone® inks (spot-color printing). For nontraditional reproduction methods, such as embroidery and silkscreen, make a visual match to the color as it appears in the Pantone® coated swatch book.

Note that the CMYK, RGB and HEX values shown may not use the same formula as what Pantone® provides. Use the CMYK, RGB and HEX values shown here, and only use Pantone® formulas when printing in spot color. These values have been carefully chosen for the Oklahoma brand.

Sky Blue - Bright

CMYK: 72 17 0 0 | RGB: 28 166 223
HEX: #1CA6DF | Pantone: 2171

Sky Blue - Dark

CMYK: 100 48 0 14 | RGB: 0 102 166
HEX: #0066A6 | Pantone: 2384

Woodland Green - Bright

CMYK: 57 6 92 19 | RGB: 102 155 65
HEX: #669B41| Pantone: 7490

Woodland Green - Dark

CMYK: 61 0 99 56 | RGB: 50 104 32
HEX: #326820| Pantone: 2280

Red Clay - Bright

CMYK: 0 77 97 15 | RGB: 209 84 32
HEX: #D15420 | Pantone: 7580

Red Clay - Dark

CMYK: 0 70 89 48 | RGB: 145 65 21
HEX: #914115 | Pantone: 7587

Prairie Gold - Bright

CMYK: 12 49 100 0 | RGB: 222 144 39
HEX: #DE9027 | Pantone: 131

Prairie Gold - Dark

CMYK: 27 63 100 13 | RGB: 169 103 40
HEX: #A96728 | Pantone: 132

Water Blue - Bright

CYMK: 84 46 0 0 | RGB: 24 123 192
HEX: #187BC0 | Pantone: 660

Water Blue - Dark

CYMK: 100 73 0 10 | RGB: 0 78 154
HEX: #004E9A | Pantone: 7686

Slate Gray - Bright

CMYK: 0 0 0 65 | RGB: 120 120 120
#787878 | Pantone: Cool Gray 8

Slate Gray - Dark

CMYK: 0 0 0 88 | RGB: 70 70 70
HEX: #464646 | Pantone: Cool Gray 10

Last Modified on Aug 04, 2022
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