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Visual Identity

Bringing our brand promise to life through visuals

State Seal

Logo versions


The state logo has two standard configurations – vertical and horizontal. Custom configurations may be developed for special formats such as signage or digital icons, but these should only be used in consultation with the State Brand Marketing Team

  Standard Horizontal Configuration Standard Horizontal Configuration
Standard Vertical Configuration

Special use configurations

The two special configurations shown below are used in special instances where space is limited.

Large Symbol A
Large Symbol B

Clear Space

The Oklahoma logo is most visible and effective when surrounded by open space. As you’ll see in the diagram, unobstructed clear space must surround the logo in all situations. At minimum, this space must be equal to the measure of a square drawn within the star of the symbol. In many cases, more clear space is ideal.
In special cases, such as signage, it may be acceptable to reduce the clear space around the logo so that it reproduces larger for improved legibility – please contact the State Brand Marketing Team.

Minimum Size

Minimum Size Print

Minimum Size Digital

Logo Color

Full Color Logos
The preferred color of the Oklahoma logo is in full color on a white background. There is a reverse version of the full-color logo for use on dark or black backgrounds.

Last Modified on Nov 04, 2020
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