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The Title Component is intended to be used as the title or heading of a section of content. 

How it Works

The available heading levels can be defined by the template author in the design dialog. The content editor can select from available headings levels in the edit dialog. For added convenience, simple in-place editing of the heading text is also available. 

How to Use

Configure Dialog

The edit dialog allows the content author to define the title text as well as select the heading level. 

  • Title - If empty the page title will be used
  • Type/ Size - Defines the heading level of the title 
  • Link - Defines the content to which the title will link. This can be a path to a content page, an external URL, or a page anchor. 
  • ID - This option allows to control the unique identifier of the component in the HTML and in the Data layer
    • If left blank, a unique ID is automatically generated for you and can be found by inspecting the resulting page.
    • If an ID is specified, it is the responsibility of the author to make sure that it is unique.
    • Changing the ID can have an impact on CSS, JS and Data Layer tracking.

Here You Would Enter Your Title

Last Modified on Nov 10, 2020
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