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Experience Fragment

The Experience Fragment Display component pulls office locations, stored in AEM as experience fragments, for display.

How it Works

An experience fragment is a collection of components put together and saved in a single location.  Fragments can be shared in multiple locations and editing the fragment will update the fragment in every location it is shared.

The Experience Fragment Display component allows the author to choose an experience fragment path such as office location informatio.  Users can then choose from the experience fragments through a drop-down box to review the office locations.

How to Use

Once the Experience Fragment Display component is added to the page, the author can edit the following fields to configure the component.

Experience Fragment Root Path

This field can be configured to select the loction of the experience fragments (office locations) you would like users to display.


In this field, the author can input the Title which will appear above the Experience Fragment Display component.

If this field is left blank, nothing will appear.


Last Modified on Dec 10, 2020
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