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Contact Us

The Contact Us form allows users to contact Oklahoma for additional information or personal attention.

How it Works

The Contact Us form adds a fill-in style form to your website that allows visitors to send a message to a specific e-mail address.

How to Use

The Contact Us form has been built with the options Oklahoma would like to collect when a user needs more information.

The fields within the page are not authorable, however there are many customizable fields.

Display Message

The author can use the Rich Text Editor to craft a message which will appear above the Contact Us form.

If nothing is input into this section, no message will appear.

Require Label

This field controls the message indicating which fields are required for form submission.  If nothing is input, "*Indicates Required Field" will appear in red text.

Thank You Message

The author can use the Rich Text Editor to craft a message which will appear after the Contact Us form is complete.

If nothing is entered into this section, 'Thank You' will appear.

Submission Details

  • Submission Type

The Contact Us form collects the details a user inputs and the author may choose how those details are delivered.

If the author chooses for the details to submitted by email, the form's contents will be emailed to the address input in the Submission Details field.

If the author chooses for the details to be shared through an endpoint, the form's contents will be imported to the agency's govdelivery page.  The author will need to include the URL for the agency's govdelivery page into the Submission Details field.

  • CTA Label

In this field, the author may type the text which should appear on the 'Submit' button. If nothing is input then Send Message will appear on the button.

Form Fields

In each of the Form Fields, the author may choose to overwrite the label which appears above each field in the Contact Us form's fields.  If nothing is input, the fields will appear as labeled.

  • Request

In the Request section, the author can input the restrictions a user has around submitting to the Contact Us form including the max number of characters.

  • File Upload

In the File Upload section, the author can manipulate the labels which appear next to the files a user submits with his/her form.

Important to Note

  • A user is restricted to uploading 3 files or 30 MB, whichever occurs first.

*Indicates a required field


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Last Modified on Nov 10, 2020
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