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The Event Calendar component displays a calendar within the page and may be configured to display events which match a particular agency's events or to show all events within the state.

How it Works

The Events Calendar component works by creating a calendar view to display the events which the author chooses.

The component has several authoring choices whereby the author chooses the location of the events he/she would like to incorporate in the calendar display.

Important to note:

  • The Event Calendar component can only display selected events.  An author cannot use the Event Calendar component to create, remove or edit individual events.  To create, remove or edit an event see the Event page.

How to Use

Once the Event Calendar component is added to the page, the author can edit the following fields to configure the calendar.

Event Category Path

This is the path from which the calendar will pull events from.  Typically, this path should be unique to the agency or section of the agency.

The author can choose the page where that agency's Event Components are located and all corresponding events will appear.

All Events Label

The author has the ability to pre-populate the text appearing within the Category field.  The author can input in this field an event category in order to only show the results in that category.

If this field is left blank, all event cateogies will appear and the user can choose between them to find the events he/she would like.

Category Label Text

In this field, the author can input the label which will appear above the Events drop-down box.

If this field is left blank, Category will appear.

Keyworkd Label and Placeholder Text

In these field, the author can input the text to appear as the label and placeholder of the Keyword Search box.

If each fields are left blank, Keyword Search and Search will appear correspondingly.

To Date Label Text and Placeholder

In these fields, the author can input the text which will initially appear in the To label and the To field.

If each are left blank, To and mm/dd/yyyy will appear correspondingly.

View Full Event Details Label

In this field, the author can input the text which will appear if the user selects an event and wants to see the full event page.

If left blank, View Full Event Details will appear.

No Events Label

In this field, the author can input the text which will appear if no events are found in a user's search.

If left blank, No Results will appear.

Last Modified on Nov 10, 2020
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