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Article Page

This page will cover the Article Page template.

How it Works

Create article page templates with the following 3 main areas of Editble Templates:

  • Structure - defines components that are a part of the template. These will not be editable by content authors.
  • Initial Content - defines components that the template will start with, these can be edited and/or deleted by content authors
  • Policies - defines configurations on how components will behave and what options authors will have available.

How to Use

The Article Component can be used to create articles and other news story pages. Under the Create navigation tab, is a far-right hand tab which features a dialog box with the following items:

Global checkbox

If the global checkbox is selected, the article listing will appear in news listings globally, and not be restricted to just at the agency level.


An agency filter can be selected for the agency the article is being written. The agency selected is where the article will appear.

News Thumbnail

A thumbnail image can be selected which will appear in news listings.

News Alt Text


The category filter applies a category to the article. For example, News Type is a category selector for news articles. This tag shows up with the article heading when listed in news feeds.

Author Name

This is a space to credit the author of the article.

Posted Date

The posted date will default to today's date. If a future date is preferred, the date can be entered, and overwrite the default.

Important to Note

  • An article page is made unique by the ability to apply category tags
  • The tags associated with an article show up when it appears in a news listing
  • All fields with asterisks are required.



Last Modified on Nov 19, 2020
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