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Two Column Template

This page will cover two-column templates including:

  • The Two Column Split Page Template
  • The Two Column with Left Side Bar Template

How it Works

Create two-column page templates with the following 3 main areas of Editable Templates:

  • Structure - defines components that are a part of the template. These will not be editable by content authors.
  • Initial Content - defines components that the template will start with, these can be edited and/or deleted by content authors
  • Policies - defines configurations on how components will behave and what options authors will have available.

How to Use

The Two Column Template can be used for a variety of page types including:

  • The Two Column Split Page Template gives the author a single Hero section atop the page and then allows the author to input content in a 50/50 split down the page.
  • The Two Column with Left Side Bar Template allows authors to create a page where the left 1/3rd of the page includes a side navigation (like this page) and the right 2/3rds of the page can include authored content.
The Left Side Bar Template side bar can be configured under the configure tool's properties tab as follows:
Navigation Root
The navigation root path can be chosen
Exclude Root Levels
The number chosen determines how many levels of navigation levels tied to the page will show.
Collect all child pages
If this box is selected, navigation for all of the child pages will appear under the root level chosen.

The Two Column Split Page Template



Two Column with Left Side Bar 



Last Modified on Jan 19, 2023
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