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One Column

This page will cover the One Column Full Width Page.

How it Works

Create one column full width page templates with the following 3 main areas of Editable Templates:

  • Structure - defines components that are a part of the template. These will not be editable by content authors.
  • Initial Content - defines components that the template will start with, these can be edited and/or deleted by content authors
  • Policies - defines configurations on how components will behave and what options authors will have available.

How to Use

The one column full width page is similar in structure to the homepage template and features both a full-width component and a single-column component. 

The  full-width component, which is beneath the navigation, is for adding hero components to the page. This space is restricted to the following SOK component types:
  • Carousel
  • Image
  • Teaser
  • Teaser (v2)
  • Video Player

The single-column component, which is beneath the full-width component, is a flexible space to add components containing content for the page. Content can be arranged across the 12-column grid. 

It is common to break the content into larger groups across the 12-columns. Two, 3, or 4 column divisions are commonly employed. The nature of the content determines the way it is grouped and shaped across the page.

The page features a breadcrumb directly underneath the navigation which shows the path of pages it is linked to. The breadcrumb can be turned on or off. 

At the bottom of the page iis also the Last Modfied Date component for stamping the page with a date. The date stamp can be turned on or off.

Important to Note

  • The single-column template includes options for full-bleed width as well as centered content.
  • In the mobile view, all single column templates will appear as full-bleed width.



Last Modified on Nov 13, 2020
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