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Vehicle Registration

Beginning Nov. 1, 2023, when you buy a vehicle you must obtain a title within 2 months of purchase, and register the vehicle at Service Oklahoma on N Classen in Oklahoma City or a Licensed Operator location (formerly called a Tag Agency). Receipt of registration is required to be kept in the vehicle at all times.
To learn more about obtaining a vehicle title, visit our Titles page.

Which Vehicles Require Registration?

The following vehicles require registration:

All on road motor vehicles, travel trailers, and other non-commercial vehicles

Cars, RVs, Buses, etc.

All-terrain vehicles (ATV), utility vehicles, and off-road motorcycles

Commercial vehicles and commercial trailers

Boats and outboard motors

Outboard motors 10 horsepower and higher must be registered separately*

Manufactured homes

Medium-speed electrical vehicles

(vehicles reaching 30-35 mph within 1 mile)

Registration is optional and not required for the following vehicles:

Non-commercial trailers

This includes utility, boat, and farm trailers

What are you Registering?

Newly Purchased Vehicle

Learn how to register new and used standard vehicles.

Register a standard vehicle

Boat & Motor

Boats and outboard motors require registration.

Register a boat or motor

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial trailers, commercial trucks, and bulk commercial trailers.

Register a commercial vehicle

Temporary Registration Permits

Non-residents temporarily operating commercial vehicles in Oklahoma, and residents temporarily utilizing their vehicle in a commercial capacity are subject to temporary permits.

Obtain a temporary registration

Motorcycles, Trailers, and More

In the State of Oklahoma, registration and title requirements vary by vehicle. Learn more about which vehicles must be registered and/or titled.

Register other vehicles or trailers

Out-of-State Vehicle Transfer

If you have recently moved to Oklahoma from another state, you must register your vehicle.

Register an out-of-state vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

When a title has a lien, the title is held by the lien holder until the lien is paid off. For more information on titles, click here to visit our titles page.

Click here to visit our Titles page for information on how to obtain a copy of your lost title or apply for a duplicate title.

Sales tax will NOT be assessed on manufactured homes, boats or outboard motors. It will also NOT be assessed on vehicles registered as special mobilized machinery and low & medium speed electrical vehicles.

Sales tax and excise tax have different exemptions, so being exempt from one may not exempt you from the another.

Depending on the hold you are trying to release, bring the following documents to a Service Oklahoma Licensing Office or Licensed Operator:

  • Document (Doc) Hold, you will need: Prior Vehicle Title or MSO
  • Serial Inspection (SI) Hold, you will need: To bring in the vehicle for inspection (Service Oklahoma or Licensed Operator Location)
  • Document/Serial Inspection (DS) Hold, you will need: Both of the hold types listed above to be released.
  • International Registration Plan (PR) Hold, you will need: A current CAB Card

If the title is on hold for a Serial Inspection and the vehicle is out of state, the hold can be released with an inspection performed by that states DMV, law enforcement, or military police on their inspection form or letterhead.

Delinquent registration penalties vary, depending upon the situation (i.e. new vehicle purchase; registration renewal; etc.) and vehicle registration classification (non-commercial; commercial; etc.). Tags have a 30 day grace period where no penalty is charged. For newly purchased vehicles, penalties will accrue on the thirty-first (31st) day following ownership assignment. Most registration classes will begin at a rate of $1/day to a max of $100/year. Some registration classes may charge penalties at a different rate such as manufactured homes and commercial trucks. By law, penalties cannot be waived.

Two months is not calculated by any particular number of days and will fluctuate based upon the specific number of days in a particular month. For example, a vehicle purchased on November 1, 2023 will require registration by January 1, 2024.

Communication Impairment Notice

To help law enforcement know if you have a communication impairment condition, such as hearing loss or autism, you may fill out form 760-A during your initial title or registration. An indicator will be placed on your vehicle ownership upon approval.

House Bill 2516 defines “communication disorder” as impairment in the ability to receive, send, process and comprehend concepts or verbal, non-verbal and graphic symbol systems