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License Plates

Oklahoma offers several License Plate types, including Physically Disabled License Plates, Specialty Plates, Personalized Plates, and Tribal Plates. License Plates provide proof of registration, and can provide parking privileges, and more.

Standard Plates

Upon registering your vehicle, you will be issued a Standard License Plate and decal. You are required to have at least one (1) License Plate properly installed on your registered vehicle. To learn which vehicles require registration, click here to visit our Registration page.

In lieu of receiving a Standard License Plate, you may choose to order a Specialty Plate.

Did you know?

In Oklahoma, your License Plate is assigned to you, the person, not your vehicle. If you sell your vehicle, it is important that you keep your License Plate.

Specialty Plates

Physically Disabled License Plate

Physically Disabled License Plate

Specialty & Personalized Plates

Specialty & Personalized Plates

Tribal Plates

Tribal Plates


If you are transferring a vehicle from another state, the vehicle must be registered within 30 days of moving to Oklahoma. Learn more about Out-of-State Transfers by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

View all available plates from our Specialty Plates Catalog. Select plates can be ordered online, at the Service Oklahoma Licensing Office on N Classen in Oklahoma City or participating Licensed Operator locations. Specialty plates requiring additional documents must be ordered at Service Oklahoma (N Classen) or local Licensed Operator locations.
If visiting a Licensed Operator, we recommend calling them ahead of time to ensure they are able to process your request.


Note: All license plate applications may be ordered by mail. Original personalized plate applications may only be submitted in person at Service Oklahoma (N Classen) or by mail.

If it is a specialty pre-numbered please allow up to 4 weeks for processing. If it is personalized please allow 16-18 weeks for processing.

Are You REAL ID Ready?

Beginning May 7, 2025, a REAL ID compliant Driver License or ID card, or a valid federal identification document (i.e. US Passport) will be required for you to fly within the U.S. or visit a federal facility.