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Girl Drive Testing with Examiner

Drive Test Center

Get the Green Light to Drive

Our Drive Test Center is designed to get you in, out, and on with your day. If you are an Oklahoma Learner Permit holder, simply register, pass your drive test, and receive your new license in the mail.

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Turning 16?

Get a guaranteed Drive Test appointment with our Sweet Sixteen Guarantee. Sign up now to secure a Drive Test on your 16th birthday or the first date of your eligibility.

Introducing the Drive Test Center

Are you an Oklahoma Learner Permit holder ready to take a drive test?
Check out the new Drive Test Center locations at:

Oklahoma City Drive Test Center

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During Your Visit


Before your drive test

You will be asked to show the following:
  • Valid license plate
  • Valid registration (tag)
  • Working brakes
  • Working turn signals
  • Windshield free of damage or excessive tint
  • Tire tread depth (greater than 2/32”)
  • Audible horn
  • Non-modified muffler
  • Front door handles - inside and out
  • Working seat belts
  • Mirrors - outside left and either inside middle or outside right

No pets or additional people can be in the car with you and the examiner.


During your drive test

When you begin your test, a Driving Examiner will tell you where to drive and which driving maneuvers to perform. The examiner will also assess your ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control in the operation of the vehicle you are driving.

The test route is 5 miles and averages about 20 minutes to complete.

You will also be assessed in the following maneuvers:

  • Parallel parking
  • Hill parking
  • Starting on a hill
  • Intersection movement and observance
  • Observing and changing lanes
  • Left and right turns
  • Pedestrian and vehicle right of way
  • Proper use of automatic transmission or clutch gear
  • Use of brake and accelerator
  • Traffic Lights and signals


After Completing Your Drive Test

When you pass your drive test, if you are an Oklahoma Learner Permit holder,  you will pay for your replacement credential plus $4.00 for each prior fail. If you are not eligible to be finalized at the Drive Test Center (you do not have an Oklahoma Learner Permit), you will be signed in at a location of your choice to finalize your credential.

Don’t forget to take a selfie and tell us where you’re going first after passing your test. Tag us on social media @ServiceOklahoma and use the hashtag #WhereAreYouGoing.



16 years old

You must have completed Driver Education and held a permit for at least 180 days


16 1/2 to 17 years old

You must have held a learner permit for at least 180 days


18 years or older

You must have passed the Oklahoma Written Exam within the last 12 months​


Learner Permit

You must hold a valid and active Oklahoma Learner Permit


If you had a citiation while holding a Learner Permit

You must wait 180 days from the conviction date to take the exam


No active suspensions or revocations

You must not have any active suspensions or have had your Driver License or Learner Permit revoked in Oklahoma or any other state

Required Documents

File with Check Mark

Graduation Cap

Non-Learner Permit Holders

Visit our Required Documents page for more information.
  • Primary ID - One primary proof of identification
  • Proof of Residency – Required only if you are wanting a REAL ID compliant credential
  • Vehicle insurance – Must be valid, unexpired and not be listed as an excluded driver
  • Immigration Documents (if applicable)
ID Card

Learner Permit Holders

  • Oklahoma Learner Permit – Must be valid, unexpired
  • Vehicle insurance – Must be valid, unexpired and not be listed as an excluded driver
  • Affidavit of Driver Training​ or Parent or Guardian must be present
  • If 16, Driver Education Certificate and a Learner Permit for 180 days
  • If 16 1/2, Learner Permit for 180 days
  • If under 18 – Work Zone Safe Course Certificate​


Dollar Sign

4-Year Renewal

  • Cash: $38.50
  • Card: $40.04
Dollar Sign


  • Cash: $25.00
  • Card: $26.00

Dollar Sign

Fail Fees

  • If at any point you do not pass the drive test or a written test, a $4.00 fee will be added to the issuance fee for each failed attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are between the ages of 16 - 18 years old, you must apply for a Learner Permit.

If you are 18+ years old, you do not need to receive a Learner Permit in order to take the drive test. However, if you choose to get a Learner Permit for driving practice, you will need to hold it for at least 30 days before applying for an Unrestricted Driver License.

You can re-take the drive test up to 3 times, each time at least 1 day apart or as instructed by the examiner.

If you fail the third drive test, you will have to wait 30 days before taking the test a fourth time.

The fourth attempt and any thereafter should be taken no more than one time every 30 days.

*The 30 days starts the day after the last drive test date.

The REAL ID compliance of your new Driver License will match your previous one.

If you would like to go from a non-compliant Learner Permit to a compliant Driver License, and wish to take your drive test at our drive test center, we can print off a score sheet for you to take to a full-service Service Oklahoma location or a Licensed Operator.

Click here to learn more about REAL ID compliance and what documents you will need to bring with you.