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We Are Oklahomans Helping Oklahomans

At Service Oklahoma we are determined to be the most customer-centric state in America.

Welcome to Service Oklahoma!

Founded by Oklahomans who shared your frustration with the challenges of getting basic government services and believed there had to be a better way to serve our fellow Oklahomans. Our mission, in simple terms, is to ease your stress in navigating and obtaining government services while providing you with a great experience. We want to design services around you, making services easy to understand, available to you when and where you need them, and being proactive instead of reactive.

Created by the legislature in May 2022, Service Oklahoma will start to provide driver and motor vehicle services on behalf of the state – think driver licenses, disability parking placards, car registrations, car titles, specialty license plates, etc.

Achieving our vision of providing best-in-class services is a monumental task and won’t be accomplished overnight. We will have to walk before we can run. We know that years of inefficient processes cannot be reversed in a day. After all, there is a reason that there is a certain stereotype associated with DMVs. We ask that you have patience while we get there and provide feedback along the way. Our commitment to you is to listen to your feedback and continually strive to provide better service.

The legislature has trusted us to deliver these services, and we understand the magnitude of that responsibility. We will balance vision and reality with the immediate need for continuity of services for you on day one. We will make sure everything we do leads to a better experience for you. We will guide our products, processes and most importantly, our people toward that outcome.

At Service Oklahoma, we want to embrace a mindset of service and an obsession with providing you with an excellent experience. That is something all Oklahomans can appreciate, understand, and embrace. This idea inspires all of us at Service Oklahoma to be more focused, collaborative, innovative, and productive because we possess a drive to make the vision of Service Oklahoma a reality.

We are Oklahomans passionate about making Oklahoma a great place to live and work. We understand the importance of the work we have in front of us and our services' impact on your daily lives. We are honored by your trust in us to provide these services. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations and make your interactions with the state enjoyable.

Welcome to Service Oklahoma!

Jay Doyle, Chief Executive Officer

Diedra O'Neil, Chief Strategy & Operating Officer

How did we get here?

On May 19, 2022, Governor Kevin Stitt signed HB3419 into law, creating Service Oklahoma. This was the culmination of a year-long effort by Rep. Dell Kerbs and Sen. Chuck Hall.

In 2019, Kerbs and Hall began exploring ways to modernize and standardize how we deliver services to our citizens. Together, they led a bipartisan working group with the goal of providing Oklahomans with a more efficient system to receive driver license and motor vehicle services.

Kerbs & Hall co-authored Bill HB3419 in January 2022. In May, Bill HB3419 passed with bi-partisan support.

Where Are We Headed?

Innovating Today for Tomorrow's Success

Since its inception, Service Oklahoma has launched several products and services that have already impacted tens of thousands of Oklahomans, and we're just getting started!

To learn more about our newest services, upcoming product launches, and to submit your own product ideas, visit our Innovation Hub!

Help Center

Have a question about a service we offer? Visit our help center repository for answers to our most commonly asked questions.