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License Suspensions

Violations, Suspensions, & Reinstatements

Your driving privileges may be affected by various traffic offenses, criminal offenses, insurance and ticket offenses, and more. If your license has been suspended or revoked, you can learn about specific actions you must take to regain your driving privileges.


Begin Reinstatement Online

Learn the steps to reinstate your license and how to submit a request for reinstatement. Your driving privilege will remain suspended or revoked indefinitely until you comply with all reinstatement requirements.

Impaired Driving (IDAP)

The State of Oklahoma offers the Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP), which allows you to demonstrate your ability and willingness to separate drinking from driving. It utilizes an ignition interlock device (IID) to help you determine when it is safe for you to drive. IDAP will be administered by the Board of Tests (BOT) if your DUI arrest was made on or after November 1, 2022 and is required to be completed before you are eligible to reinstate a suspended license. 

Financial Responsibility Suspension for a Collision

If your driving privileges have been suspended because Service Oklahoma has received notice that a vehicle driven or owned by you was involved in a collision and you may not have had the required liability insurance coverage on the vehicle at the time of the collision, the Request for a Financial Responsibility Hearing form can be used by you or your representative to request an Administrative Hearing before the Department of Public Safety (Department) to object to Service Oklahoma's Suspension.

Modified Driver License

In some instances, you may be eligible for a Modified Driver License. Examples of cases that may permit a Modified Driver License include point suspensions arising from accumulation of traffic violations, non DUI-related suspensions, or an attempt to elude an officer. Modified Driver Licenses are not available for DUI-related offenses.

Provisional Driver License

Service Oklahoma offers the Provisional Driver License Program (PDLP). The PDLP allows drivers to obtain driving privileges after completing the suspension or revocation while they continue to pay off their license fees.

If you are unaware of the reason for your license suspension, you can click here to request your prior-three-year driving record for a fee of $25.00. The driving record will only show driving history for up to three years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Points are assessed to the driving record of persons convicted of certain violation of the law, generally traffic violations. When your point total on your driving record reaches ten (10) or more points within a five (5) year period your license is suspended.

You must serve the suspension period and pay the statutory fee for reinstatement. In most cases, payment of the fee may be done by mail or in person by yourself or another representing you. In some cases the person is required to meet with a Driver Compliance Hearing Officer to apply for reinstatement.

For a first point suspension, the suspension time shall be for one (1) month.

For a second point suspension, the suspension time shall be for three (3) months.

For a third point suspension, the suspension time shall be for six (6) months.

For a fourth and subsequent point suspension, the suspension time shall be for twelve (12) months.

These are 6 hour schools designed to assist the problem driver in correcting bad driving habits. Two (2) points will be deducted from a person's driving record upon successful completion of an approved Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving Course. However, the two (2) point reduction will only be given one (1) time in a 24 month period.

Yes, if a driver goes twelve (12) consecutive months without being convicted of any pointable violation, two (2) points are removed from the accumulated points on their driving record. If a driver goes three (3) consecutive years without being convicted of any pointable violation, the point level on their driving record is reduced to zero.

A Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course is conducted by organizations and companies to educate their employees on defensive driving and safe driving techniques. Completion of these courses DO NOT qualify for point reduction on your Oklahoma driving record. However, you may want to contact your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for a reduction of your insurance premium by completing this course.