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Modified Driver License

A Modified Driver License is issued during the mandatory period of revocation or suspension to allow restricted driving privileges under specific terms and circumstances when it is determined that the person who has been denied driving privileges has no other adequate means of transportation.

If you have received an arrest for DUI on or after November 1, 2022, IDAP completion is now required before a suspended license can be reinstated.
Visit the Board of Tests (BOT) for more information.


Modifications may be permitted for drivers with the following violations, but are not guaranteed (exceptions apply):

Point suspensions

Point suspensions arising from the driver’s accumulation of moving traffic violation convictions

Attempting to elude

Attempting to elude an officer (first-time)

If any of the items listed below occurred during the events giving rise to the withdrawal of driving privileges, you will be ineligible for a modified driver license:
  • Fatality
  • Major injury accident (serious bodily injury to licensee or others)
  • Hit and run (leaving the scene of an accident)
  • Hitting a pedestrian (collision with injury)
  • Driver had circumvented an existing ignition interlock device
  • Driver has had a modification for point suspension in the last 5 years
  • Resisting arrest
  • Assault and battery on any law enforcement officer
  • Child in the vehicle (endangerment of a minor)
  • Driver was in violation of an existing modification at the time

Modification will only authorize the driving of Class D motor vehicles, not those in Class A, B, or C.

For all cases, Service Oklahoma assures all modifications will be consistent with public safety standards by looking at the driving record of the person requesting the modification. If the person’s driving record presents a concern for public safety, Service Oklahoma may additionally limit the driving times, driving locations, or purposes for which driving is authorized under the modification, and may place additional restrictions on the authorized driving.

Point Suspensions


How to Apply

To apply for a modification relating to point suspensions, you will need to:

Fill out a Modified Driver’s License Request

Fill out a Modified Driver's License Request and email a completed version of the form to

Wait to receive a response

Wait to receive a response from a hearing officer with your request approval or denial.

Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment with a Driver Compliance Hearing Officer. Generally permitted parameters of point suspension modifications:

  • To or from employment
  • During the course of employment
  • To and from an educational institution
  • To comply with existing court orders
  • To attend a driver improvement course, a defensive driving course, or a motor vehicle accident prevention course
  • For personal welfare

Obtain a replacement license

Point suspension modifications will be issued by way of a paper license.