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Tribal Titles & Plates

If you are an Oklahoma resident, a member of the Chickasaw or Choctaw Nation, and can provide proper documentation, you may be eligible for a Tribal License Plate through the State of Oklahoma.


If you are a member of a Tribe other than Chickasaw or Choctaw, please visit your Tribal registration office for qualification information. Possession of an unauthorized Tribal Plate may lead to penalties.

Tribal Title Requirements

If you are a member of the Chickasaw or Choctaw Nation and would like to register your vehicle with the State of Oklahoma, you will need to bring one of the following documents with you to your visit at your local Service Oklahoma or Licensed Operator location, in addition to all other required documents based on your vehicle type:

A branded (i.e. listed on the certificate when issued by the tribe – not subsequently added) membership statement on the tribal title certificate verifying that the listed owner(s) is a member of the title issuing tribe

An original, or photocopy, of a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) card stating tribal affiliation

An original, or photocopy, of a tribal identification card

A Certificate of Tribal Membership, or a letter confirming tribal membership on tribal letterhead.

Vehicles owned by tribal members are different than vehicles owned by Indian tribal governments that have an Oklahoma title showing sole ownership in the federally recognized name of the tribe. Vehicles owned by Indian tribal governments may be issued an Indian tribal License Plate (refer to the Special License Plates Catalog) and are excise tax exempt. Tribal casinos and business entities are not ordinarily considered tribal members for the purposes of this exclusion.

  • Standard Non-commercial: Issued at the standard rates
  • Motorcycle: Issued at the standard rates
  • Personalized: $20
    - 5 character maximum
    - Cannot conflict with any existing Oklahoma plate
  • Physically Disabled:
    - 1 plate: No charge
    - 2 plates: $10
  • Veteran: $5 Disabled American Veteran (DAV) registration rate.
    - Qualification documentation requirements are identical to those for an Oklahoma DAV rate.

Choctaw tribal members who are either currently serving in, or retired from, the armed forces now have the option of requesting a Choctaw Veteran License Plate at no additional cost, aside from a plate mail fee. There is no special or reduced registration fee for a Choctaw Veteran plate – It is simply an alternative to the standard Choctaw tribal License Plate available to tribal members. Visit your local Service Oklahoma or Licensed Operator location to apply for a Veteran License Plate.

Tribal Compact Special Rate Eligibility

Oklahoma resident Choctaw and Chickasaw plate recipients are eligible for Active Duty Military and Physically Disabled registration rates, as long as the tribal membership requirements and standard Oklahoma License Plate documentation requirements are met.

Please note the only plate and registration rates available for Tribal Compact (presently Choctaw and Chickasaw) plate recipients are as follows:


  • Physically Disabled (stylized wheelchair symbol) Plates

    • Standard Vehicle
    • Motorcycle
    • Personalized Plate


  • Standard Noncommercial Rate
  • Standard Motorcycle Rate
  • Disabled American Veteran (DAV) Rate
  • Armed Forces Rate
  • Physically Disabled Rate (vehicle modified due to disability)
  • Indian Tribal Government Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Chickasaw and Choctaw tribal license plates cannot be sold to registrants with out-of-state addresses, unless they are an Oklahoma resident active duty military member stationed in another state.