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Boats & Motors

Registration and Titles

Boats that are used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on Oklahoma waters are required to be titled, registered, and taxed within 30 days of ownership. They are also required to be renewed every one or three years. A boat owner must carry the current registration in the boat while in operation. Boats and outboard motors must be registered separately.

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Which Boats and Motors Require Title and Registration?

The following vessels DO require title and registration:

Any motorized vessels other than what is listed below

Canoes, kayaks, or paddleboats powered by any means other than human power

Outboard motors in excess of 10 horsepower

The following vessels do NOT require title and registration, but in most cases, one may be obtained at the owners request:

A boat or outboard motor owned by the U. S. government, or any state or agency or subdivision of that state

A boat used exclusively and solely as a lifeboat or for racing purposes

A boat or outboard motor owned by a visiting non-resident that is currently registered in another state or country and does not remain in Oklahoma over 60 days.

Human powered canoes, kayaks and paddleboats


Effective November 1st, 2021

As of June 2000, upon ownership transfer of every boat or outboard motor, the seller must complete a notarized statement confirming the Hull Identification Number (HIN for boat) or serial number (motor) matches that on the ownership documents being transferred.

There are 3 ways to accomplish an HIN Verification; one of the following must be done:

How to Start


Gather the following documents:

We recommend making copies of your documents as your originals may not be returned to you.

  • BM-26 Form: Application for Certificate of Title for a Boat or Outboard Motor
    If the vessel was purchased from an Oklahoma dealer, a tax stamp is required on the application
  • BM-10 Form: Boat or Outboard Motor Serial Number Confirmation
    Serial Inspection may be completed by Service Oklahoma on the back of the BM26 Form if a BM-10 is unavailable
  • Ownership Documentation - must be one of the following:
    • Notarized Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (new vessels)
    • Properly assigned and notarized Oklahoma certificate of title
    • Notarized Statement from Owner (previous owner if ownership change), stating boat/motor was previously operated only on private ponds/lake
    • Out of state title (must be assigned if changing ownership)
    • Out of state registration (if from a non-titling state and a bill of sale if changing ownership)
    • Bill of sale (only applicable if coming from a state that does not title or register)


Visit Service Oklahoma on N Classen in Oklahoma City or a Licensed Operator location


At Your Visit

Your fees will be finalized. Once payment is made and your documents are processed, you will be given your new title and registration documents.

In the case of a lien, your title will be sent to your lienholder. If there is no lien, your title will be mailed to you within 2 business days as part of your registration.

Taxes & Fees

Fees required will vary depending on the vehicle type, vehicle year, and other variables. Click here to visit our Fees Page and learn more.

Taxes owed can be estimated using the Sales & Excise Tax Calculator.

*The Sales & Excise Tax Calculator is based on NADA listed pricing. NADA listed pricing can change at any time, so the final tax price may vary. This estimate does not include other fees due at time of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boat and motor registrations are issued for a period of either one (1) or three (3) years, at the option of the registrant. Please keep in mind, boats and motors always expire at the end of June. Depending on timing of registration you may be charged a prorated partial year.

A boat owner must carry the current registration in the boat while in operation.

Commercial canoes registered through the Oklahoma Scenic River Commission are subject to titling, but not registration.

Canoes and kayaks powered by hand have the option of title and registration. Canoes/Kayaks powered by motor or sail must be titled. The motor of the Canoe/Kayak only has to be titled if it is over 10 HP.