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Commercial Registration

Trucks, Truck-Tractors, & Trailers

A commercial truck or truck tractor is a vehicle used primarily for business or commercial purposes. A truck is defined as a vehicle that has a permanently attached bed. A truck-tractor has no permanently attached bed and utilizes a detachable trailer.

Eligible Commercial Vehicle and Trailer Types

Vehicle Type Required Documents Registration Required? Title Required?
Commercial Trailer None Non-Expiring, must be renewed by December Yes
Commercial Trucks and Truck Tractors: 1 - 15,000lbs.
  • Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit, Driver's License, FEIN, or Copy of Schedule 1
Yes Yes 
Commercial Trucks and Truck Tractors: 15,001 - 54,999lbs. None Yes  Yes 
Commercial Trucks and Truck Tractors: 55,000 - 90,000lbs.
  • Form 2290 Schedule 1
  • Heavy Weight Permit or Reason for Exemption
Yes  Yes 
Frac Tank None Non-Expiring registration certificate, must be renewed by December Yes 
Special Mobilized - Trailer
  • Qualification Certificate
Non-Expiring, must be renewed by December Yes
Special Mobilized - Truck
  • Driver's License or FEIN
  • Insurance
  • An Oklahoma Title
  • VIN Qualification Certificate 
Non-Expiring, must be renewed by December Yes

What does "non-expiring" mean?

Non-expiring means that the plate will not be issued a decal, but will instead be issued a yearly certification of registration to be kept in the vehicle.

Determine Your Vehicle's Combined Laden Weight

The weight is to be declared by the registrant and should reflect the maximum weight (vehicle + load) to be carried during the registration period. Follow the chart below to determine your vehicle’s weight classification. Depending on weight, additional steps and documentation may be required in order to complete your registration.

1 - 15,000lbs

The following registration qualification requirements apply only to commercial trucks registering at combined laden weights of 15,000 lbs. and under.

Upon either an initial commercial registration (15,000 lbs. or under), or transfer of ownership of a commercial vehicle on which the commercial registration is to be continued (at 15,000 lbs. or under) by the new owner, one (1) of the following three (3) additional items is required to qualify for commercial registration:

  • Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit Number; or
  • Federal Employer I.D. Number; or
  • If owner is a sole proprietor, a copy of Schedule 1 (front and back) of most recent tax year’s Federal income tax return. (Note: Refer to Income Tax Filing Extensions for guidelines relating to acceptable tax documentation when the registrant has filed an income tax extension.)

15,001 - 54,999lbs

There are no requirements to register your vehicle. However, the minimum weight allowed to register on a truck tractor is 15,000 pounds (or actual empty weight, if greater), regardless of the age of the vehicle.

55,000 - 90,000lbs

Commercial trucks or truck tractors registered for a combined laden weight of 55,000 pounds or more, or a currently registered commercial truck or truck tractor being increased from under to over 54,999 lbs. during a registration period, must meet the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax guidelines. Refer to Federal Highway Use Tax on Heavy Vehicles.
Vehicles within this weight category must also submit Form 2290 Schedule 1 upon vehicle registration.

What to Bring

To register your commercial vehicle, you will need to bring the following documents to your nearest Service Oklahoma location or Licensed Operator location:

Proof of Oklahoma insurance

Vehicle purchase agreement

Valid driver license

Odometer statement

Vehicles with a GVWR over 16,000 lbs are exempt*

701-6 - Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle, Trailer or Manufactured Home

This form is required for initial Title and Registration only

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Form 2290 Schedule 1 or a copy of an electronically filed return with an "IRS e-file" watermark and received date

Applies only to vehicles 55,000lbs and over*

Qualification certificate number

Applies only to Specialized Mobilized Machinery*


All commercial trucks and truck tractors are required to display the name of the commercial establishment or the words “Commercial Vehicle” permanently and prominently upon the outside of the vehicle, in letters not less than two (2) inches high.

How to Start


Gather your documents as found in the chart above

We recommend making copies of your documents as your originals may not be returned to you.


Visit a Service Oklahoma or Licensed Operator location


At Your Visit

Your fees will be finalized. Once payment is made and your documents are processed, you will be given your registration and License Plate.

In the case of a lien, your title will be sent to your lienholder. If there is no lien, your title will be mailed to you as part of your registration.


Commercial trucks and truck-tractor registration fees vary based upon the declared gross laden weight, and are determined at the time of registration. The age of the vehicle is also considered for trucks with a gross laden weight of 15,000 pounds or less.

Registering for Temporary Business?

Temporary permits may be issued for trucks, truck-tractors, motor buses, trailers or semitrailers, owned by non-residents, which are properly registered in their home state for the current year, or to any citizen of Oklahoma owning a truck upon which farm truck license fee has been paid in Oklahoma for the current year and whose truck may be needed during grain harvest or other seasonal farming activities for hauling farm products other than his/her own, or for hauling gravel, shale or other road materials for rural roads, for one period of time not to exceed ninety (90) days.

Frequently Asked Questions

O. S. 47 § 1102 defines: “Combined laden weight” means the weight of a truck or station wagon and its cargo or payload transported thereon, or the weight of a truck or truck tractor plus weight of any trailers or semitrailers together with the cargo or payload transported thereon;
The weight is to be declared by the registrant and should reflect the maximum weight (vehicle + load) to be carried during the registration period.

  • In no event may the registered combined laden weight be less than the unladen weight of the vehicle, fully equipped for use.
  • The combined laden weight is to be declared by the registrant upon each registration of a commercial truck. Never assume the vehicle is to be renewed the previous weight. Always confirm the desired weight for the upcoming registration period.

No, a commercial trailer must be pulled by a commercially registered vehicle.


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