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Motorcycles, Trailers, & More

Registration & Titles

In the State of Oklahoma, registration and title requirements vary by vehicle. Below you will find examples of what is required to register and/or title your vehicle .

Which Vehicles Require Registration or Title?

Vehicle Type Title or Registration
Motorcycles Both
Mopeds Both
Travel Trailer Both
Mini Truck Both
Private Trailers Registration Only (Optional)
Farm Trailers Registration Only (Optional)


If you need a particular form to complete your registration, please click here to access our forms page.

How to Start


Gather your documents as found in the chart above

We recommend making copies of your documents as your originals may not be returned to you. As of July 1, 2022 your title will be sent to your lien holder.


Visit Service Oklahoma (N Classen) or a Licensed Operator location


At Your Visit

Your fees will be finalized. Once payment is made and your documents are processed, you will be given your new standard License Plate and decal to be installed on your vehicle.

In the case of a lien, your title will be sent to your lienholder. If there is no lien, your title will be mailed to you within 2 business days as part of your registration.

Taxes & Fees

Fees required will vary depending on the vehicle type, vehicle year, and other variables. Click here to visit our Fees Page and learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The annual registration rate is $36.00. A taxicab license plate is to be issued. An insurance verification form is not required when registering a taxicab.

Pop-up tent trailers need to have title and registration. They are to be issued standard non-commercial License Plates. Click here for more information on registration.

Penalty is due whether a renewal notice was received of not. A notice is not required to renew as It is a courtesy reminder. Click here for more information on renewals.